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I have purchased pro version fir lifetime acces, but I couldn’t even use it for one second. I uninstalled, loged out, loged in,tried to update , and did everything that was suggested on this forum, yet nothing works. sent email to televzr, opened a case on paypal and I still  didnt get a reply. NOW WHAT???


Under review

Hello. What address do you have the program registered for?

Under review

Hello. What address do you have the program registered for?

I would rather not share my email address in public. I sent an email to televzr so you guys should be able to see it. it starts with vik.

Next time create a private top.

ok, at the moment the program is working. will see if its stays like that. thanks

I am having the same issue . Did you find a fix?

Hello, update or reinstall the program, the problem is fixed.

I did do this. However now says its not compatible in the U.S. 


So it is, unfortunately the program will not work for you anymore.


So if we're in the US, and paid for a LIFETIME subscription of PRO, (even though it worked for about two months), I'm assuming we'll be refunded, correct?

Hello. For subscription related issues, refunds and problems with activation, please, write at: help@televzr.com


I am still waiting for your answer to my question of how I can unsubscribe after I list the software.

Hello  My name Moses Deng Bol

i downloaded the software to use it for down loading videos on YouTube a few Months ago. I successfully downloaded the videos and wanted to unsubscribed. Unfortunately I deleted the software from my computer by mistake and it has been charging me on 7th of every Month including 7th of Feb.

cwn you please help me how to recover the software so that I can unsubscribed.