does not download 1080p video.

Windessy Windy 3 weeks ago updated by Dave-H 2 weeks ago 3

i am trying to download 1080p video from youtube, it has 1080p in youtube quality settings, but when i click to download with Televzr the app shows me only 720p option: 


720p is the maximum resolution that you can download with the free version of Televzr.

If you want 1080p or higher you will need to buy the pro version.

Dave, are you a developer?

1) i do not see this limitation in the description or “about” section

2) my plugin said that i need to install televzr for 1080p. No any payment were mentioned.

I will not buy a program if i can’t confirm it is working. And i see it is not working now.

No, I'm not a developer.

It's the same as with the SaveFrom browser plugin, it only always the saving of YouTube videos up to 720p.

Anything higher will need the Pro version of Televzr.

There are other options of course, like 4K Video Downloader, which I also use.