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Televzr has Stopped working for me

Ron 7 months ago updated by Dave-H 7 months ago 13

I've used Televzr for more than a year & it has worked great..I have 41 downloaded videos from youtube..But suddenly, about 3 months ago it stopped working..My previously downloaded videos still play just fine..But when I try to download a new video..by pasting the URL..it says.."Nothing Found"  This is not a complaint because HOW CAN YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT SOMETHING THAT WAS FREE & WORKED WELL..FOR AWHILE..Thank You/Ron


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Hello, reinstall the program.

Under review

Hello, reinstall the program.

I'm trying to reinstall, but can't find a download that works
I just upgraded to lifetime for 39 bucks..It isn't working yet but I assume it will take a little time..Otherwise I'll request my bank refuse the 39 buck charge..I'm waiting/Ron
PS Its a good program & I'm not worried & willing to wait for my subscription to set in/Ron

For subscription related issues, refunds and problems with activation, please, write at: help@televzr.com

The free program ran beautifully, but 4 days ago I signed up & Paid 38 bucks to go to a lifetime subscription..I have yet to be able to download the first time..It keeps popping up "The Free Downloads are over" go to pro etc..In all honesty, it may be that you didn't get the 38 bucks because a strange pop-up, called "Visa-Pay" took over..Let me know if that's the problem & we can do it over because I always prefer to pay directly with my Banks Credit Card/Ron

Have you actually signed in to the program (icon top right)?

It won't work as the pro version unless you do.

When you sign in it should take you to a page to enter your e-mail, and when that is accepted it will send you an e-mail with an activation link.

None of this is at all intuitive, which I have pointed out to them!

HTH, Dave.

I suspect you guys are sort of just getting up & running with this program, & I'm on your side..I thoroughly enjoyed the free introduction & am quite willing to pay the 38 bucks for the pro version..I tried to do so but I think something went wrong because it gave me a "Visa-Pay blank to fill out & I did so because I thought it was part of your program..It partially worked because it gave me a new logo on my screen to use Televzr but when I bring it up..It doesn't work..If I try to download it says that the free stuff is finished & that I must go to Pro version..So something didn't go right..Also I haven't seen the charge show up on my Visa account..So something isn't right..I'll work with you because the program is well worth the price & I definitely want it..I spent 45 years in the tech world with the U.S. State Dept so I'm pretty technical minded..I suspect that the "Pay" form that showed up with your program was bogus & we need to re-do it..If necessary I could just send you a check/Ron

Dave: Let me give you a little more detail about the problem. To answer your question, Yes I clicked on the log-in icon & one of the choices it gives me is "Logout", so that verifies that I'm logged in..Everything seems to go correctly, until it gives me the choice of how I want the download..& it offers me MP3, 480..360 etc..That's all greek to me..I choose 480..I have as of yet not picked MP3 or any other.just 480..Could that be the sticky point? That where it tells me that I must go to "PRO" to continue & nothing works beyond hat point.

At the moment, are you all right with the program? Can you download the video?

I think if you want 360 resolution (for SD) or 720 (for HD) it should work even if it isn't the Pro version, as YouTube allows saving of them without any workarounds needed. If you want anything higher (480 for SD or 1080 for HD) or UHD formats, you will need the Pro version of Televzr for them to be available.

Have you tried logging out and back in again? If everything is correct, when you log in you should be taken to a page just to enter your e-mail address, and once that's accepted you should get an activation e-mail which will enable the Pro functions.

Someone on another thread says he's paid but still gets taken to the payment page when he logs in, which almost certainly means that his payment didn't register.

Dave: Got it fixed. I spent 45 years in the field of intelligence, the last 20 of it undercover with CIA & the trouble here was what we call "Cockpit Error"..caused by the guy at the controls. Apparently, I was duped by the payment offers..& somehow got tangled up with "Visa Pay" I just re-did it..insuring that it was my standard credit card & it's working fine..You guys are great..The original 39 bucks I did through that stupid "Visa Pay" I don't think it ever got to you..I didn't see it charged to my account anyway..If you should wind up being paid twice..I'm sure you'll give it back to me..But it's up..Running..& I love it/Ron

Great news Ron, glad everything seems to be OK now!