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Pro isn't working

Christian 2 months ago updated by Alexander 2 weeks ago 22

I paid for Televzr Pro Lifetime and now it won't let me download anything and says free downloads are up. Help. This is the reason that I paid. I am logged in and the PRO version is now missing.


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Hello. For subscription related issues, refunds and problems with activation, please, write at: help@televzr.com

Under review

Hello. For subscription related issues, refunds and problems with activation, please, write at: help@televzr.com


I thought that is who I emailed... who can actually help, and have them email or call me... I have paid and nothing is working... 

@Christian, have you tried logging out and back in again?

If you do, you should see a page to put your e-mail address in for verification.

If it's successful you should be sent an e-mail with a verification link, which should activate the Pro features of Televzr.

If when you log in you're taken to the payments page, your payment hasn't worked.

HTH. Dave.

Yes I have logged out and back in... It only goes to the free mode and my LIFETIME payment was processed about two months ago.IT was working and now isn't. When I try to get logged back in it goes to a frozen screen that says: Get Back to Televzr, search activated. I would like my paid for service to function.

Have you tried updating the app?

Press "ALT" and then select the menu item which appears top left.

Try updating, even if it already appears to be the current version.

If that doesn't work, I'm all out of ideas I'm afraid, and you'll have to e-mail them if you haven't already.

Cheers, Dave.

not too sure what you are thinking will pop up, but from the menu, I clicked check for updates and I appear to have the latest version. Thanks for your help, their service stinks.

OK, I'm not at all sure why you're getting what you're seeing when you log in to Televzr, it sounds like something is corrupted somewhere. The only other thing I can suggest is uninstalling the program and reinstalling it again.

When you log in, you should be seeing either the e-mail verification page if you have paid for the Pro version, or the payment registration page if you haven't.

these things have all been done and nothing... Are you staff with Televzr?

Please write to this address help@televzr.com will be sure to answer and help you.

No, I'm afraid not!

It does sound like you've tried everything that you can, all you can do is e-mail them and wait until they reply.

They must have a record of your subscription, and if it's valid they've got to sort out whatever the problem is, or give you a refund! Sorry I couldn't be more help, I was just going on my experiences with the program. I have a lifetime sub as well, and it did stop working, but when I re-verified it again, it was fine. There is zero documentation about any of the procedures to do this though, which is not good!

Thank you for trying, I appreciate it and am/was pretty frustrated that it isn't working... Will hope they can figure it out.

This is what I see when I click log in

This one is what I see when I first open the app and it says that I am logged in but obviously I am not. it is the free version and says no go on more free downloads. I bought the lifetime version in Q4 of 2019.

What mail did you buy the program for?

my gmail act... Is that what you are asking? christiandowns22@gmail.com

Our support team will surely reply to you!

Any word on making it work? 

What else do I need to do? It has been paid for and seems that it has just stopped working after working for a couple months.

I'm having the same problems as Christian!!! Ive tried everything and it just directs me in circles!!! I paid for 6 months and it keeps saying I'm out of free downloads and it says to purchase, which I already did. this is not working. I have emailed asking for a refund and there's no response. This program sucks! IT DOES NOT WORK! but it takes your money!

Hello, what mail is the program registered to?