I paid 2x 40 USD and I didn't get any email with the activation number and the support doesn't respond at all, they are thieves and scammers !!!

Ludek 7 months ago updated by Dave-H 7 months ago 1

Zaplatil jsem 2x 40 USD a nedostal jsem žádný e-mail s aktivačním číslem a podpora vůbec neodpovídá, jsou to zloději a podvodníci !!!  

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Have you actually tried logging into the app with the e-mail you registered with?

The procedure is not at all intuitive.

When you log in, you should then be sent another e-mail with an activation link.

I've been using Televzr Pro for several years now, and it's never been a problem, so I would disagree that it's a scam.