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Good Luck - This company took my money for a lifetime subscription no problem and after only a couple months it stopped working and they never helped me or gave me a refund... I would recommend everyone on this thread ditch Televzr and use Airy... Way better and not a bunch of thieves.

Basically, this company is just stealing money from us... I literally got 3 downloads for my "lifetime" subscription. What a joke! I started this chain over a year ago and have never received an answer or a refund. Not ok.

THE SOLUTION - use a better video downloader like AIRY or other platform. 

Hey Guys! They did get mine to work, I had to ask support to physically add my email address to their Pro list. But now since I am in the USA and they are no longer support or run Televzr in the states. Basically, I paid for a lifetime acct, I had issues a majority of the time, and then they no longer operate where i am. I am requesting a refund and am done with this channel and also done with Televzr. Good luck everyone.

What else do I need to do? It has been paid for and seems that it has just stopped working after working for a couple months.

Any word on making it work? 

my gmail act... Is that what you are asking?

This one is what I see when I first open the app and it says that I am logged in but obviously I am not. it is the free version and says no go on more free downloads. I bought the lifetime version in Q4 of 2019.

This is what I see when I click log in