Connexion troubles

Victoire Soulé de Lafont 8 months ago updated by Dave-H 8 months ago 11

Hi, I have several problems with the app since a few days

For some reason, I've had to turn off my computer while the program Televzr was downloading some videos. 

When I turned it on again, all the videos I was currently downloading were erased from my history, which is quite a problem for me, because I can't find these again. 

I tried disconnecting to see if these would appear again after reconnecting. But now, I actually can't connect anymore, no matter how I tried. When I click on "connexion" on the software, it obviously sends me to the website. But whether I use "Log in with Google" or "log in by any email", when it sends me back on the app, I'm still not connected ! I tried restarting my computer, I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, but I still can't seem to connect. So I still can't connect directly on the software, despite having an account and I can't find where the problem comes from.

I also tried reconnecting from another computer but doesn't make any difference

Please, help !!! 😭😭😭😭😭

Assuming you have the Pro version, when you enter your e-mail address, you should get an e-mail sent to you with an activation link.

Is that not happening?

Tried it

Several times

Even tried to upgrade my account by taking a Premier Account for 6 months

And yes, I do use Pro (I do video editing for fun but I still wanted the best quality possible)

Also contacted help@televzr.com a few days ago but they didn't answer. Tried a second time this tonight but I'm not very hopeful

So it's not working as the Pro version?

yep !

My account is for a pro version !

but I can’t even connect to my account, that’s the problem ! When I click on connection, it sends me on the website so that I can write my mail address under which I’m subscribed. And when I do so, whether it’s through Google or through an email send to my address, it then sends me back to the software but it’s like nothing happened because I’m still not connected 

There have been many reports here about a lack of response from Televzr regarding problems, which isn't good.

Do you get an e-mail with "Activate Televzr" as the subject line?


Tried it several times now, still doesn’t work

so now it’s working again… I just don’t get it…

just a little problem : like I said, I've had to turn off my computer while the software was downloading some videos.

When I turned it on again, all the videos I was currently downloading were erased from my history, which is quite a problem for me, because I can't find these again (and because I have a lot of videos, I can’t remember now which ones are missing)

so normally there’s a history linked to my account but now it’s like I’ve never used it before

Any idea on how I could get my history back ?

Well that's strange, but I'm glad it's working again!

I suspect that the file which records the download history got damaged when the machine was shut down while it was being written to, and it now can't be read by the program. If you have no backup of the machine from before that happened, I'm afraid there's probably no way of recovering it.

Yeah, I guessed it would be that way… well, at least my software is working again 

i’ll just try to see which videos are missing and at worse, some of my vids will be missing, not a big deal

anyway, thanks for your help ! 
although I’m dull very confused about what the hell happened (but I think I’ll keep this is as a lesson to try to not turn off my computer while I’m downloading)

Yes, it's never a good idea to shut down a computer when any programs are open and doing things!
That's why sudden system crashes and freezes can be so damaging, and backups are important.

You should find that all the videos you downloaded with Televzr are still in the folder they were saved into, even if Televzr can't list them any more. Have a look there, there shouldn't be any missing if Televzr was just writing to the folder when you shut down the machine. If you didn't change the folder, the videos should be in C:\Users\<username>\Downloads.