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It does seem to be, you can save a YouTube video in mp3 format if you want to.

Still not working on 1.9.73, all YouTube downloads immediately fail for me.

They still download fine with the 4K Video Downloader program, so it must still be possible to do it!

No, I'm not a developer.

It's the same as with the SaveFrom browser plugin, it only always the saving of YouTube videos up to 720p.

Anything higher will need the Pro version of Televzr.

There are other options of course, like 4K Video Downloader, which I also use.

720p is the maximum resolution that you can download with the free version of Televzr.

If you want 1080p or higher you will need to buy the pro version.

What malware do you see it loading?

@ANDREY Glad to hear that it worked, the procedure is not very intuitive, and I've told them that!

@Андрей Have you tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it?

There should be an icon top right of the program window to log in.

This should take you to a page in your browser to enter your e-mail address.

Once it's accepted the program should update to the pro version.

There is no license key.

If you log into the program with the e-mail address you used for the purchase, it should automatically become the pro version.

When you click the download button, there should be a pop-up list to select the quality you want.

I'm not sure why there would be a need for a separate button or buttons to select the quality.

If there is no list, presumably that's because there is only one option available, but it should still tell you what it is.

Thanks Alexander!

Yes, I have done some more tests now, and it looks as if Televzr cannot write its saved files to the root of a drive.
If you specify a folder on the drive it's fine, but not if you specify the root.

It can put its "Temp" folder in the root OK, but it appears that it cannot transfer the downloaded file from the Temp folder to the specified final location when the download is completed if it's the drive root. The downloaded file can still be retrieved from the Temp folder, but most people would not realise that of course!

This obviously isn't a big problem in itself, but it is if you don't know about it as the downloads will fail for no apparent reason! This issue should be fixed of course, but if it can't be users should be prevented from specifying the root of a drive as their save destination. Cheers, Dave.